YPN Membership Application

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Contact Us

For more details on joining RASE YPN or its sub-committees, you may contact any of the following Directors.

Brandon Martens — Chair • HJN Team Real Estate • 261-9673 Brook VerMeer — Vice Chair • Keller Williams • 595-5047
Josh Aberson— Director •  Green Acre • 521-6158 Ann Den Boer – Director • HJN Team • 496-6319

Cortney Costello— Director • HJN Team • 201-3565
Brad Stearns – Director • HJN Team • 789-1492

Darren Lee – Member • First Bank & Trust • 782-8097
Ashley Bartholomaus — Member • Keller Williams • 323-9733 Larry Luetke — Past Chair • Keller Williams • 310-8886


RASE Leadership Building

One of the missions of YPN is to prepare the future leaders of the Association. RASE YPN Leadership encourages your attendance at the following events:

  • RASE Board of Directors Meetings
  • RASE YPN Roundtables
  • RASE YPN Social/Networking Events


Key Member Benefits

  • Invitations to NAR-sponsored YPN events. YPN events are a fund way for mem-bers to meet other real estate professionals from around the country, build a referral network, and learn about new and free resources from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
  • Stay abreast of industry happenings. Through a lively blog, an information-packed Web site, and networking events, members stay in the loop on hot issues facing the real estate industry. YPN also has special education sessions at REALTOR® conferences that address strategies for success in real estate.
  • Have your own sounding board. Young professionals have unique challenges in real estate—and they also face challenges shared by all practitioners. By belonging to a network of peers who face similar issues, they can bounce ideas off of one another and provide support to each other.
  • Get involved. Many people whoa re new to the industry want to get involved with their local, state, or national association of REALTORS®, but they either don’t know hot to go about it or they find it too intimidating. YPN encourages them to explore leader-ship opportunities across the board.

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