Get Involved!

The REALTOR® Association of the Sioux Empire, Inc. has many opportunities for members to ‘Get Involved’ in your Association! Beginning with the call for Board of Director Nominees in July/August, followed by the call for Committee Volunteers in September; there is never a lack of volunteer opportunities. RASE has 6 Standing Committees, 5 Special Committees and various Task Forces that meet throughout the fiscal year, December 1 through November 31st.

Volunteering opens up a window of opportunities. You will gain knowledge of the current happenings of the Association, be able to give your input, which will help shape the future of the real estate industry in your area, as well as have wonderful opportunities to network with your peers. Keep an eye on the Weekly RASE Review, along with the RASE Member Page of this website to get involved!

RASE Committee Descriptions

2019 RASE Board of Directors & Committees

  • Board of Directors
    • President
    • President –Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Ex-Officio
    • State Director
    • Local Director

Standing Committees

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Committee
    • The MLS Committee supervises the operation of the Multiple Listing Service in accordance with this sentiment and the adopted MLS Rules & Regulations and is subject to oversight by the Board of Directors.
  • Grievance/Professional Standards
    • Two separate committees, the Grievance Committee evaluates whether ethics complaints and arbitration requests are to be adjudicated while the Professional Standards Committee interprets the NAR Code of Ethics when considering action concerning its enforcement.
  • Government Affairs/Advocacy
    • Includes the RPAC subcommittee. The Government Affairs Committee and RPAC subcommittee meet at the request of the Chairperson or RASE President. The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for providing member education/communication regarding the latest issues and legislative issues and political trends relating to real estate. The RPAC subcommittee is responsible to the Board of Directors for the success of RPAC fundraising efforts; ensuring that members are educated regarding the purpose of RPAC funds; and developing effective recognition programs for contributors.
  • Finance Committee
    • A finance/accounting background is favorable. The Finance Committee typically meets monthly. Responsible for developing the annual Association budget and reviewing the Association’s financial status, as well as overseeing the Association’s investment strategy pursuant to RASE’s Fiscal Policy.
  • Audit
    • The Audit Committee meets 1-3 times typically during first quarter to independently ensure the proper procedural operations of the Association’s financial matters and also meets following an audit review from the Association’s tax accountant’s.

Special Committees

  • Board of Managers (HomeVIEW)
  • Career Development
    • The Career Development Committee meets as needed from September – November and again February – April; other meetings may be called by the Chairperson as needed. This Committee is responsible for reviewing the Association’s educational offerings. Committee Members are required to serve as a proctor for at least two educational classes per calendar year.
  • Golf
    • The Golf Committee meets March – May and is responsible for planning the annual Golf Classic. This includes, determining the pricing, finding hole sponsors, volunteers, and donation prizes.
  • RASE Young Professional Network (RASE YPN)

Committee Chairperson


Chairs all committee meetings during appointed term of office; coordinates with committee members and staff to achieve assigned objectives. Liaison with elected officers and other committee leadership as required.


Within the limits of the charter and bylaws of the Association and policies established by the Board of Directors, the committee chairperson, with appropriate delegations:

  • Chairs all committee meetings during his/her appointed term of office.
  • Liaisons with elected officers and staff to develop annual committee objectives.
  • Informs committee members of objectives and their expected individual contributions and responsibilities.
  • Encourages active participation by committee members in the activities of the Association.
  • Oversees the progress of committee members in completing assigned projects.
  • Develops, with staff, the final agenda for each meeting.
  • Approves the minutes after each meeting.
  • Carries committee actions and concerns to the Board of Directors.
  • Provides input to staff for completion of the annual planning and budgeting cycle.
  • Recommends to elected officers potential committee leadership, as required.
  • Ensures that timely meeting reports are forwarded to the Board of Directors.

Committee Member


Attends all meetings of the committee, prepares committee assignments, and works towards fulfilling the committee objectives.


  • Attends all committee meetings.
  • Carries out individual assignments that are made by the committee chairperson.
  • Reviews all relevant material prior to the committee meetings. Prepares to make contributions and voice
  • objective opinions concerning committee issues.