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Continuing Education

When did I get my license? Answer 

What CE courses do I need to take? Answer

I have taken CE classes through RASE but I do not know what classes I have taken so far? Answer

I have taken CE classes through other company’s beside the Association and I need to know what classes I have taken so far? Answer

How do I register for a CE class? Answer

What time do RASE CE courses begin? Answer

How much do RASE CE classes cost? Answer

How do Home Study and Online courses work? Answer

I’ve scheduled a class and now have a conflict and can’t attend. What is RASE’ cancellation policy? Answer

When are license renewal (CE) classes starting? Answer

When does my license expire? Answer

How many hours do I need to take to complete my license renewal? Answer

What happens if I didn’t renew my license and am actively practicing real estate? Answer


Have I completed the ethics requirement? Answer

What is needed to comply with the NAR REALTOR Code of Ethics requirement? Answer

Is the association offering ethics classes? Answer


With which states does South Dakota have license reciprocity? Answer


Does RASE offer Sales pre-licensing and/or Brokers pre-licensing classes? Answer

How much does the Sales pre-licensing and/or Broker pre-licensing course cost and what does it include? Answer


I am newly licensed; what are the postlicensing requirements? Answer


What is the Unlimited CE Pass? Answer

What other classes does RASE offer besides continuing education classes and where can I find information about these classes? Answer

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