The REALTORS® Political Action Committee and the REALTOR® Party are a partnership of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations working together to promote and protect the American Dream: homeownership and private property rights! The REALTOR® Party speaks with a unified voice to support candidates and public policies that share the same commitment to protecting the value of homeownership.


As a member of the REALTOR® Party, your vote is one of the simplest and one of the most important ways to help the REALTOR® voice be heard. By voting for local, state and national candidates that support REALTOR® issues, regardless of their party affiliation, you are helping to advance private property rights and homeownership.

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REALTOR® Party members are expected and encouraged to support and participate in local, state and national Calls for Action. Calls to Action are ways to grab elected officials’ attention on issues that affect REALTORS®.

Managing Brokers 

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The REALTORS® Political Action Committee and Greater Nashville REALTORS® PAC funds are used to support and elect REALTOR® Party friendly candidates and to educate members on the importance of investing in REALTORS® PAC. 

Learn more about the REALTOR® Political Action Committee.